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Boone Chatta is one of the few German Reggae and Dancehall artists with an international audience. His biggest hit "Berlin Yard", an anthem for his hometown, created a buzz in 2010. And it's still getting airplay on radio shows and in clubs around the world. Ever since Boone's songs have been sold in more than 50 countries. However, he's just starting...

Born in 1979, Boone Chatta grew up in Munich, the USA and Paris. With 4 years he was already a true rebel (ask his mom about that). At the age of 8 he started singing to Michael Jackson's "Bad" album. And in 1989 Boone's family finally moved to Berlin. At the age of 12 he began to write his own songs and started to rap in German and English. Through his early passion for Soul, RnB and Hip Hop he got in touch with Reggae, Dancehall and Soca music in the late 90s. He was amazed and inspired by the flow and vibes of the Caribbean music, so he began to sing and toast in "Patois" (Jamaican slang). In the early '00 years he joined the vibrant and flowering Reggae scene in Berlin by becoming a soundsystem MC. And he quickly made a name for himself, after grabbing the mic while Berlins finest DJs where playing.

In early 2005 Boone Chatta became MC of todays world-famous soundsystem "Soca Twins". As a 'Soca Ambassador' he has exited ten-thousands on stages across Europe, in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. Smart speeches and his outstanding vocal and entertaining skills became his trademark. And together with his 'twin' DJ Franky Fyah he has won several awards incl. "International Soca DJs of the Year".

Despite his success as MC, Boone Chatta consistently kept on writing and singing songs. He also studied audio engineering and built up his own recording studio. He has released various singles and recorded and collaborated with Caribbean artists. In 2013 Boone Chatta was asked to perform on the famous TV show "The Voice of Germany" in front of millions of viewers. But he simply denied the offer by saying he needs to 'keep it real'. And while his musical output seamed to be quite low in the past years, the truth is Boone now has a hard drive with approx. 250 unfinished songs and special tunes he's still holding back. In other words – there's a beast ready to be unleashed.

Because of the variety of his musical influences, Boone's music now ranges from 'smooth' Reggae and 'hardcore' Dancehall to 'jump up' Soca. But he's always ready to cross musical borders, and he will. His personality is just like songs: smart, humorous and authentic. The expectations are high, but no worries. Boone Chatta is coming!

"Energetic and catchy style."

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"Absolute brilliant uplifting music."

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