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🔥 New Chatta tune coming soon

🔥 Boone x Vybz Mashup

Vybz Kartel is one of my biggest musical inspirations since more than a decade. So I did a mashup video of his greatest songs...

26 Oct 2018

🌶️ Looking fe hot sauce and...

🌶️ Looking fo' Hot Sauce and...

Talented Producers and Photographers to help me build my career and brand as an artist. Link up one time!

15 Aug 2018

🤟 New tings inna de digital yard

🤟 New Tings inna de Digital Yard

I got this sweet new website to make a fresh start. Social channels will be pimped soon. Currently, I'm in the studio.

10 Jul 2018



Boone Chatta Press Pic
Boone Chatta Press Pic
Boone Chatta Press Pic
Boone Chatta Press Pic
Boone Chatta Press Pic
Boone Chatta Press Pic


Boone Chatta is rated as one of the best Soca MCs worldwide. Now, he's also taking over Dancehall, Afrobeats and HipHop as MC of Mawd Pack as well as solo artist.

Boone Chatta is a Caribbean music ambassador and enthusiast from Berlin, Germany. He became famous as MC of Soca Twins, who were the first Europeans to receive the 'International Soca DJ of the Year' award after being nominated seven years in a row. Within the Soca scene, they've gained "cult status all over the world" (RIDDIM Magazine, 2007).

Born in 1979, Boone Chatta grew up in Munich, the USA and Paris. At the age of 8 he started singing to Michael Jackson's "Bad" album. In 1989, Boone's family moved to Berlin. With 12 he began to write his own songs and started to sing and rap in German and English. Through his early passion for Soul, RnB and Hip Hop he also got in touch with Reggae, Dancehall and Soca music in the late 90s. He was amazed and inspired by the flow and vibes of Caribbean music, so he began to sing in "Patois" (Jamaican slang).

In the early '00 years he joined the vibrant and flowering Reggae scene in Berlin by becoming a soundsystem MC. He quickly made a name for himself, after grabbing the mic while Berlins finest DJs incl. Selecta G., Barney Millah and Panza were playing. In 2005 he became MC of the soon to be world famous "Soca Twins" with DJ Franky Fyah.

Throughout the last two decades, Boone Chatta has worked as MC, host and producer with some of the greatest Caribbean artists and DJs worldwide and cheered up audiences with thousands of spectators at parties, festivals, and carnivals all across Europe as well as in the USA, Canada, Russia, Trinidad, Barbados and Bermuda.

As MC/host he's supported live shows with Billboard artists such as Machel Montano, Mavado, Rupee, Serani, Mad Cobra, Mr Vegas, Common Kings and Grammy Award winners Jimmy Cliff and Joss Stone. He was also 'on the mic' with Walshy Fire of Major Lazer and worked on several own songs with hit producer Jr. Blender, who is now creating tunes for Bruno Mars, Beyoncé and Justin Bieber.

Boone Chatta also built up his own studio where he's recorded Billboard artists Bunji Garlin and Kranium, as well as many others. He's won the SAE Alumni Award for "Best Music Production" for recording a song with Fay Ann Lyons. In 2016 he founded the soundsystem "Mawd Pack" together with DJ Silent Pressure, one of Germany’s most talented Dancehall & Afrobeats DJs.

During his flamboyant career as MC and producer, Boone Chatta has always been writing and recording his own songs and created a little buzz with his hometown anthem "Berlin Yard". He was asked to perform on the famous TV show "The Voice of Germany" in front of millions of viewers. But he denied, saying he needs to 'keep it real'. He’s currently locked up in the studio, recording new tunes to pursue his dream of endorsing Caribbean & African music across the globe and all musical borders.

Home is where the heart is...
and Berlin City, I know that you are god blessed